subdivision in acworth, georgia

  1. Hi allnurses in Georgia!!!
    I am from Ohio looking to move to Acworth/Kennesaw in approx. 3 months.
    My question is... what subdivision is Summer Drive in? I know it is in Acworth, but I do not know what the subdivision is called. I know it is off of Bells Ferry Rd..
    Thanks in advance...
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  3. by   unknown99
    Nevermind. I found out it is the subdivision of Summer Place.
  4. by   PJL
    I just found this Georgia forum. Did you make your move to Acworth, and if so how do you like it? I live in West Cobb, but have family in Towne Lake. Hope your move went well!
  5. by   unknown99
    Hey PJL!!
    My original post was from almost 2 years ago. We did end up moving to Acworth then, but in Cherokee County in a subdivision called Lake Pointe. It was beautiful!! Sadly, we had to move back to Ohio after 5 months due to family health problems. BUT, we are moving back to the general area in June of this year. We are looking for houses and jobs now.
    I absolutely LOVE Georgia. Where we lived, it was truley southern hospitality at it's finest.