Seeking career direction and program to choose..please advise

  1. HELLO! Im looking forward to the wonderful advice

    I am in GA. I had posted on here during 2006. I have a B.B.A. in Business Admin and will have my M.B.A. this summer.

    I have yet to find that perfect job due to unfulfilled positions I have accepted with low pay , bad work environments etc....

    I have been thinking about nursing for over a year now. I had enrolled in an Human A&P course Summer 2006 but I had to drop it b/c of my work schedule.

    I now feel that I have wasted years of my life and a useless degree because I have yet to find a good job. My aunt is a nurse and she loves it.
    The thing is, I dont know which program to pursue...
    I see many LPN programs..I have also seen a few RN/ADN programs as well. I feel that the BSN and Accelerated BSN programs are too competitive since my undergrad gpa was 2.7 and I dont have any of the Science pre reqs.

    What could you suggest. I am in my 20s but I feel that college was a waste for me
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