Piedmont Nurse Residency 2013-May

  1. Hey all!

    I am brand new to posting here but have been silently reading since nursing school! I absolutely love this forum but have never really had anything to post about. I am currently in another state but making the move to Georgia by May of 2013.

    I applied for the May cohort of the Piedmont Nurse Residency and just wanted to reach out and see if there were any other nurses out there who had done the same. I am not a brand new grad(graduated May 2012) and have been working in an OR since July. I'm anxious to learn all I can about Georgia and Piedmont as I am a North-East transplant to the southern states!

    Anyone else apply? If so what specialty?
    Also any comments/thoughts would be appreciated!

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  3. by   CarolinaPeachRN
    Did you ever hear back from Piedmont? I just accepted a position today! Hoping your application process is going well.
  4. by   edwindelahiggins
    I interviewed in late January but haven't heard anything yet. It'd be nice to get a call either way. do you guys know if they call regardless of whether or not you get a position?
  5. by   steeni203
    I did hear back from Piedmont and was offered a position but chose to take one that would be an easier commute for me