Piedmont Hospital Atlanta

  1. Hey, I am taking a travel assignment to Atlanta in April. Was just wondering if anyone had worked at Piedmont downtown? Are they pretty traveler friendly? And My recruiter is telling me to expect 24-28$ for travel assignments in Atlanta!!! OMG, if that is true that is so little. Any input would be great.
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  3. by   nursey74
    Your recruiter is hosing you. The going rate for a new grad in Hotlanta is now $23-$27 per hour. This is a great hospital to work in. Good area. Lots to do after hours. Going for magnet (should get it). Treats their staff very well. Im not sure about travelers. HAve never heard. Good luck!
    Where are they putting you up?
  4. by   s_corder99
    Hey, thatks for the info. I have heard so many salary quotes that I am unsure what the pay rate is. I thought the 24-28 range was the standard for travelers, in the south, not staff workers. What company are you with that is paying more?