Nursery RN possibly moving to Alpharetta GA

  1. I currently work in a level II NICU at an HCA hospital in VA and love it. I'm very sad to leave....but sometimes, other things are more important than work. So, off to Alpharetta we go (Maybe). Any suggestions for hospitals to look at? Our level II nursery has 19 beds and the level III has 19 beds. I wish I could just pick up my hospital and move it, but don't think that's possible! I'd rather work in Newborn Nursery than level III NICU though.....any suggestions would be helpful and appreciated!
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  3. by   Atlanta6789
    Children's Healthcare of Atlanta is supposed to be a top-notch place to work, here in Atlanta. I've heard they treat their RN's very well - as well as their little patients.
  4. by   Eagle Girl 06
    I live in Alpharetta - and just wanted to say welcome! You will love living here. There are plenty of great hospitals to choose from! Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with about the area!