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  1. Hi..I am an LPN wanting to relocate to North Georgia from Florida to either Fannin, Union or Towns County and was wondering if any of you were from up there. I have already gotten the application and info for getting my Georgia license and have gone to the hospital sites up there (the ones that HAVE sites- smile) to just start checking things out.
    I love's people , it's spirit. We are taking a trip in a couple of weeks to check out some houses we found, the hospitals, and schools for the kids. Does anyone know what the payrate scale for LPN's is up there, please? I know things are a whole lot more laid back up there- the largest hospital I think has 49 beds.....where I am now has 369. I am working at 2 separate (new mom's and their newborns) as well as intake nurse for a special needs children's clinic (for the state).
    Is there a shortage of nurses up there as there is everywhere else? Any feedback would be appreciated....... thanks and God bless you guys. Be safe..........
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    Welcome to the mountains!!!!!!
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