NLCEX Cancellation

  1. Did anyone else have to reschedule their NCLEX due to this awful weather we're having in Georgia? Two of my friends received testing center closing notification yesterday for their NCLEX that was scheduled for today. I was supposed to be taking mine tomorrow morning but I went ahead and rescheduled, as I'm pretty sure chances are high that it would be cancelled (and it would be dangerous to drive if it was not), and I wanted to grab the earliest date possible!

    If you had your NCLEX cancelled, when were you able to reschedule it for? I'm having to wait until the end of the month and need to travel to a different testing center.

    Hoping that it works out for everyone, as I know first hand how frustrating this is. Being mentally prepared to take the biggest test of my life and then having to change plans is really stinky, but flexibility is the life of a nurse!
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