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  1. Hi! I am considering NGSCU's nursing program. I was wanting to find out any opinions about the school's program. I have to make a decision soon
    and would love any feedback.
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  3. by   Mr_D
    I spoke with two NGCSU students a week ago -- they are in the ASN program at Kennestone. They were quite complementary of the the school and the program. Contrast that with GSU students, they were about to start a mutiny!

  4. by   southerngirl
    I have heard wonderful things about their program. It seems like the students I've talked with love the program! I just read your post and congrats to you!!
  5. by   MackNJacks mom
    I graduated from NGCSU in May(Dahlonega campus). I thought the program was great.. it was very challenging, and people failed left and right but if you study enough you will pass. Good Luck to you
  6. by   southerngirl
    Thanks for your reply. I am excited about starting the program. I realize that this will be a long tough road but I think I'm ready for the journey.