NGCSU admissions!!!!!!!

  1. Hi,
    I just took the TEAS test and got my results back. I was reading other people's threads about their acceptance at North Ga and most said that they were either attending/ accepted at the Gainsville or athens campus of NGCSU. I applied for the Dahlonega campus and already paid my deposit for housing and stuff. Do they offer the nursing program at that campus because it was on the application. i was just wondering because i havent found anyone that had been accepted at that campus. im so nervous. sighhhhh.
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  3. by   opradiva
    Wow, that was fast!

    Congrats on getting in. I have also applied for NGCSU, and I did apply for a seat at the Lanier campus up in Oakwood, GA. I take my TEAS test next goodnes, I am so nervous. Between studying for that, A&P, Algebra, and Psychology, my brain is FRIED!!! I do hope to get in, I hear it is a great school. I wonder if anyone else has received an acceptance letter. If you don't mind, please shed some light on the TEAS test. Again, congrats on a job well done.

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  4. by   livextoxlove77
    yea the test wasn't hard. its more just general knowledge stuff- spelling, comprehension, grammar, scientific experimental procedures etc. you will do fine. I got the study book, I dont know if it helped. I went into WAY more detail than needed for the test. good luck!