Moving to Atlanta in the fall

  1. Hi,
    I'm moving to Atlanta in the fall from Minneapolis for my boyfriend's job. I have a BA in psychology and have since gone back and taken micro, and A&P I and II. I work as a PCA and in a group home and am trying to get into a nursing program ASAP. Its seems that even with a B.A. this is difficult. I am also very unfamiliar with GA so I am having a hard time finding schools since I do not know which cities are near atlanta. I have obviously found info on the big schools but would like to find other options.

    any suggestions?
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  3. by   NurseSunshine25
    Some schools for you..... Dekalb tech, Ga state, Ga perimeter, Athens tech, Lanier tech, Gainesville college, Gwinnett tech, Brenau. Hope this helps. Some of the schools have LPN programs some have RN programs.
  4. by   TeeTee,RN
    Just want to warn you. The Atlanta area is very heavily saturated with new grads. So getting a job is going to be hard. Most of the hospitals require a residency for new grads. Grady is the only one that does not. They hire new grads and give them a 6 week preceptorship, then after that if you aren't ready to go on the floor alone, you get a classroom type residency.