LPN new to Atlanta - needs help!!

  1. I've just returned to the area, and my nursing license FINALLY went through today. I live in Stockbridge. Does anyone know of a good LTC facility nearby (or other place to work) that's a nice place to work? I'm desperate, and need work asap. I've been out of work since Feb 9th, and need something soon.

    Being unfamiliar with the area, I don't know where to start! I was a charge nurse/treatment nurse/med nurse at my former job.

    Can anyone help me??

    Thank you!

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  3. by   missheidi
    Hi! Sunbridge is always hiring for LPNs...there is one in Riverdale, Griffin, and in Atlanta. They have a really good reputation around here. Give them a go! Riverdale is pretty close to you, and so is Atlanta...Griffin is about a 20-30 minute commute, depending on which end of town you are on. Good luck!