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  1. Hi everyone. I have posted before but a while ago and was looking for some more current info. I graduated in Feb nad have been working at a LTC facility for 3mths now. I am OK with it but am definitely going for my RN once I get settled. I am just concerned that the wages are much lower there and that the jobs are much harder to come by. I started here as a new grad at 16.50+1.50for pay in lieu opf benefits and 1.00 for 3-11. I am currently paying 925 for rent in a 3/2 house and was wondering what the comparison was up there. Any and all information or questions would be appreciated. Also if anyone could reccomend any specific companies that would be beneficial to furthering my education and surviving at the same time. Thanks
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  3. by   blady
    ATL sounds exciting but don't get carried away. Apply for your license from your location online. After which you should start applying for jobs. When you get a job offer then you relocate. Noone is going to rent you an apartment if you don't have a job except if you're transfering your section 8 or something. If you had more experience you could apply for a travel job which would give you the opportunity to take a good look at where you want to be. Good luck!