Is this too late to apply to Emory for BSN Fall 2012.

  1. I am so nervous and need some advices please. I am applying right now. Anyone haves the same situations like me? Is this too late becasue I heard some people adready been in waiting list. Does that mean they do not have any availabe seats? I called them two days ago and It was said that they still accept applications. Should I still continue applying or not?

    Thanks for your input
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  3. by   karamarie91
    On their website, it states that they will accept applications on a space available basis. And just because you are waitlisted does not mean that you won't be accepted. Some people may not be able to attend Emory due to cost or being accepted elsewhere. So you have to weigh all of these factors together, especially if you have applied to other schools.

    Good luck.