How Does Athens Tech Nursing Program Work? Please Answer!!

  1. I am a senior getting ready to graduate and I am interested in Athens Tech. I would love to be a neonatal nurse, but I have a thousand questions about the process of becoming this. So here are my questions!
    1- How are you accepted into the nursing program?
    2- What is needed to become a neonatal nurse? RN?
    3- How many years does it take to receive your RN license at Athens Tech?
    4- Does Athens Tech offer a BSN? (I have no idea what that is but I have heard it is very important to have)
    5-What grades are needed to be accepted into Athens Tech?
    6- How much is the tuition for Athens Tech?

    As you can tell, I have a lot of research I need to do! I really appreciate any answers and feel free to add in anything you feel is important! Thank you so much for your time!
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