GPC Fall 2010

  1. I've been accepted into GPC's Fall 2010 nursing program and am interested in hearing from current students or recent graduates about their experiences in the program. Any advice, insight, or general feedback about what to expect or how I can prepare myself is greatly appreciated. What were classes/exams/clinicals like. How much did you spend on materials/books, etc. Any info would be great!! I'm very nervous and anxious to begin the program.

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  3. by   nrice28
    hi, congratulations on ur acceptance. I don't know about your question..sorry-because I am actually STILL trying to get accepted anywhere. But if you don't mind me asking your GPA for GPC..b/c I was going to apply but didn't b/c of my stupid vaccinations. I need to get a test to prove I had chickenpox or I just need to re-vaccinate. But anyways, I know that the nursing program is held in Milledgevile and thats is pretty far away from everything, but I am sure you already knew that. I have heard that the program is a good one and people seem pretty happy with that school.