Excelsior Preceptorship in GA

  1. Are there any graduates of Excelsior here... Who has gone through, is going through, or needs, to go through the preceptorship for the GBON... I was wondering if you had any information, or where to do it... Or any information about the preceptorship period... I'm hoping that I don't have to do one... But i'm trying to be proactive in gathering information, just in case I have to do the preceptorship, for the board....
    Thanks in advance for any information

    Zoey Hill GN
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  3. by   Yvonne Numbia RN
    Zoey Hill GN
    From Yvonne Numbia RN
    Hi Zoey
    Im in the same situation. I have been a RN for over 20 years and have been informed I am in need of " 350 Hour Preceptorship". :-(
    Contact : kimberly.kilpatrick.robbinsfreed.com
  4. by   Yvonne Numbia RN
    I am also an Alumuni of Regents College ( now Excelsior ).
  5. by   zoeyzoe
    Thank you so much for this information
  6. by   Joebird21
    Should I do excelsior? I still have no idea what facilities have a preceptorship for excelsior.............