desperately need help!!

  1. hi everyone,

    I am a 22 y/o LPN from NJ Relocating to Ellenwood GA( HENRY COUNTRY)
    I just came from GA a week ago an di am in the proces sof purchasing my first home.
    Where can i find work , around ellenwood area? i applied to henry hospital , awaiting response, are there any assistant living, lTc, skilled nursing center around, i dont mind driving 30 to 40 min. What is the pay rate? I make 24.75$ here in northern nj.
    I plan to move in july. Also do any of you know of jobs in GA that can give me a letTer of interest, to give the loan office. Can i use my NJ nursing liscence until i get my GA liscence? ( i am in the process of getting GA LISCENCE) HELP please
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