Columbus Tech Flint River Campus

  1. Hello,

    Is anyone applying for Summer 2010 admission to Columbus Tech on the Flint River campus? Is there anyone on this board that is currently in the program and can tell me what it is like? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   anom123456
    Columbus Tech is no longer associated with Flint River Tech. The schools were separated in the technical college re-vamping. Flint River Tech and Griffin Tech are going to be combined. Columbus Tech's RN program is only offered at the Columbus location.
  4. by   ConstanceP
    That can't be true because I just was accepted to that program and I am in the Columbus Tech program via the Flint Tech campus.
  5. by   srobb11
    That is strange because I heard the same news that anom123456 posted about the Flint River campus no longer being associated with the Columbus Tech campus. But I guess if you are there, you would know better than we would. Congrats on your acceptance! I was accepted also at the Columbus campus. Good luck to you!
  6. by   ConstanceP
    Thank you, Congrats to you also! I guess I will find out what is really going on at orientation on Monday.