College of Coastal Georgia RN class Spring 2013

  1. Has anyone applied to College of Coastal Georgia for their Spring 2013 nursing class?
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  3. by   dje5418
    The deadline for the Spring BSRN class is September 14, 2012 and you do not have to be fully accepted to the college to submit an application to the nursing department. You should have applied and have transcripts on their way and have met their pre req's and taken the TEAS V to submit the nursing application. One of Georgia's newer BSRN programs = fewer students applying. This could be an alternative to overcrowded Metro Atlanta schools... and coastal living is a bonus.
  4. by   Mzzhill
    Have your got an acceptance or denial letter yet?
  5. by   dje5418
    Yes, the letter came in todays mail..... I was accepted!!!
  6. by   MaumauMom
    congrats Dje, looks like I'll be seeing you there. See you in January! (G*d willing)
  7. by   dje5418
    See you Jan. 11th MaumauMom!!! A previous classmate has a friend there and she says it's a great program. I am a nontraditional student coming down from Atlanta. Have you taken any coursework there or are you a transfer student as well?
  8. by   MaumauMom
    I'm a transfer student as well, nontraditional. I'm excited about the program, but I am enjoying my free time now and peace of mind.