Chamberlain College Of Nursing Atlanta 2014

  1. I recently applied to chamberlain, I made a 76 on the HESI and have 2.9 GPA. What are my chances of getting in? And id it okay to send in my recommendation letters to my advisor's email?

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  3. by   Always Hopeful
    Trust me you are in there! Sounds really exciting but the distance is a factor. I'm leaning towards this school. The Simlab is nice...better than Emory's for sure.
  4. by   Mspsychology
    Hey do you mind giving a quick update on whether you got in with your GPA, because mine is around the same & I'm wondering if I will be able to get in also ?
  5. by   ganpati
    Hey if you do not mind sharing did you get in because I am in the same situation.