1. Hello! I'm looking to relocate to Atlanta and wishing to find a NICU position at a reputable NICU in the area.

    I currently work at a very well known level III NICU in the Orlando area and have a total of 4 years nursing experience.

    I've done a small amount of research and see that both Northside and Children's have good NICUs.

    Any other area hospitals have level III NICUs?

    Also, what is the average starting pay in these hospitals? Is the nightshift/weekend differential decent as well?
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  3. by   Future_GA_nurse
    Hi SunnNICU,
    There are several in the Atlanta area. Do you want children's only..if so your only choice is Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Otherwise you have Northside, Rockdale, I think Piedmont is a level 3 (check though), and Dekalb Medical, and Grady.