anyone gone to Brenau?

  1. Hello all...I was wondering if anyone has gone to Brenau's part-time program? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   Mexarican
    no...but i have a friend up there who applied for fall/07 start in their full-time day program. she says they were great school, not sure about the part-time program though...
  4. by   Hope2Be
    I was reading Brenau's website last night looking for the part time nsg in the Atlanta campus..dont see that they offered it...does anyone know of ANY evening/weekend LPN schools in closer to the west of GA? I live in Dallas, and Gainsville is about 85 miles away!!! wanted something closer, I currently attend North Metro tech..very part time (1 course at a time) i work full time....
  5. by   I_am_Julia
    i have heard good things about the program. i know it comes at a very hefty cost.

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    hello all...i was wondering if anyone has gone to brenau's part-time program? any information would be greatly appreciated!