Anyone else applying to Augusta Tech Fall 2012?

  1. Just wondering if anyone else here is planning on applying for the Associates in Nursing at Augusta Tech for next Fall. I'm just finishing off the last of my pre-reqs now..almost there :-)

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  3. by   sigshane
    I applied for this fall and now just waiting for the letters. Have you heard about the school loosing its accreditation? I really wish somebody would give us some information on the matter. Good luck, hopefully it wont be too long before those letters come in.
  4. by   Britmum
    Hey :-). I am pretty sure they didn't lose their accredidation I think that the just didn't get accredited by the nursing board when they had their first evaluation earlier this year. Yes, I am concerned about it primarily because I would like to go on and eventually get my BSN and my hubby is in the army so we move around a lot. I've heard that some work places and schools, plus any military places won't accept nurses from programs that don't have this specific accredidation. I'm hoping that the program director can clear up any concerns/questions that we have once the program starts.Hopefully we hear something soon I'm dying from impatience here, lol!