Am I an RN with experience, a New Grad, or something else?

  1. Does anyone know what category I would fall under to a hospital and the recruiters? Here are my details:

    Bachelors in Nursing (4 year degree) from Ireland
    5 years experience (3 in Ireland and 2 in Australia)
    Passed Nclex very recently
    Have not worked in US but do have a GA licence (currently looking for work)
    NB. Permanent resident of USA

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  3. by   TeeTee,RN
    I know someone with a similar experience. She was a nurse for 7 years in China. But when she came to Georgia, she had to take the NCLEX. Then she got hired and was required to complete a re-entry program (for RNs who have been away from nursing for a few years). So, she was considered an experienced RN.
  4. by   smn2010
    be proud!!! are an rn...with experience!!!....