Advice needed

  1. Can anyone give me information on 2017 ga lpn payrate thanks a lot
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  3. by   Marshall1
    It depends really on what part of Ga and where you work - hospice/home health/LTC, how many years experience..there is not one set standard.
  4. by   mswan
    4yrs exp snf or ltc is ok looking in the Decatur area
  5. by   mswan
    Even a ballpark figure would be appreciated
  6. by   Marshall1
    Most LPN's make between $17-$20/hour. And lot of SNF/LTC now have 12 hour shifts as opposed to 8. Sadly, Ga is notoriously low in pay for nurses period. Depending on the facility you can go to to see average reported salaries for a business, you can also reach out to the HR person and ask. There is nothing wrong w/that.