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Geographic Mobility as a Psych NP


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Hi all,

I am finishing up my pre-reqs right now. I'm undecided on what type of nursing program I want to pursue. Originally I thought CRNA but after some soul searching I decided that's not really where my heart lies. I have a strong interest in psychiatry and integrative medicine. I'd like to some day have my own practice, and I really feel that becoming a Psych NP is where I would function best and most enjoy.

My question is this - what kind of geographic mobility is allowed for NPs, specifically, Psych NP? Is tele-psychiatry popular enough that you could base a practice off of it? I have spent time in Washington state and Arizona, and my heart is so torn between these two places, that ideally, I could spend half of the year in WA and the other half in AZ.

Is this feasible? What about travelling - do psych NPs travel, like travel nurses do? Any input would be greatly appreciated.