Whats a nurse to do...

  1. Whats a nurse to do? Where are the seasoned nurses to go?

    In 2015 I obtained my MSN in nursing. My focus was in education but after graduation realized that is not what I really enjoy. I had this wonderful plan to obtain my NP in mental health then my world fell apart. My daughter died, my husbad lost his job. I could not focus on my NP courses so I stepped aside.
    The big issue is all the student loans to obtain my MSN. The facility I work for does not support the older nurses. The older nurses go under attack until they resign or are terminated.
    Young nurses with less than 6months of nursing experience become house supervisors, hired in the ER, cardiac care. If the public saw the number of mistakes that occur they would be horrified. I love the young and the old nurses.

    Where do we go? Should we obtain continuing education in specific topics? If nurses are single income families what does she/he do? The healthcare monopolies block nurses from rehire by putting them on credit check sites and listing as no rehire. The corporation blocks their rehire and no one will even interview the person.

    If there is a nursing shortage why destroy the older nurses? Big question what is a nurse to do?
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