1. Hi everyone,

    I am starting a new position as an RN at the VA in PACT (primary care) in September. I was wondering if there are any PACT RNs out there and if you could give me some insight on what to expect and what your day to day routine is like?

    Any information is valuable. Thank you in advance!
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  3. by   djmatte
    I was a pact pain RN, but my job was vastly different than the pc ones. Each va sets up their teams different. At mine, primary care patients were placed into pact groups. Each pact consisted of an RN, lpn, and an md. Lpn would mostly work with and room for the md. RN would help with chronic illness management. They would have a set of patients who needed extra help in managing chronic illness and the RN would notify their pact md if things were out of control, contacting veterans to get more info or to let them know of changes. There was some Tele health involved as many of them were getting vitals and bp readings sent in electronically from home. These RNs also had their own clinic hours for patients who needed extra education.