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  1. Hi ime just about to go on a hospital placement for the first time proper tomorrow in a urology ward as a male mature student here in the uk.Ime absolutely in pieces atm ,i have a feeling of being overwhelmed by the whole thing.felt really low recently and have been on a low dosage of prozac but am just building up to tomorrow,dont really feel i can talk to anyone because i really want to suceed this time .Sometimes feel if ime on the edge between panic and depression and tomorrow will be surreal in the sense that i will be there but i will be in turmoil(sorry if this doesnt make sense) .btw the prozac is 5 years old hope thats ok and still works ,know i shouldnt take it but i feel that if i go to my gp with this problem it will impact on my continued stay in university.Just felt i needed to say that .thanks.:smackingf
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  3. by   CraigP
    Keep in mind that people survive this every day. Concentrate on learning and let the endless list of bad possibilities get pushed out of view by all the neat stuff to do, learn or see.

    Best of Luck-