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  1. i was just going over some of my old posts and was excited to see how far i've come since joining!! i have learned so much in my first year of school and in a way my posts are almost like journal enteries. do you guys ever look back at your previous posts and if you do what stands out the most?
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  3. by   sunkissed75
    hmmmm...78 views but no posts...that's odd...or maybe i'm odd for getting a kick out viewing my old posts!!
  4. by   my3suns
    lol I havent been posting here too long. I start school this month so Im sure I will be on here much more with questions that I can look back on next year.
  5. by   sunkissed75
    thanks for responding my3suns!! i was starting to feel lonely!! goodluck with school!!
  6. by   tbell2
    I have gone back to look at mine. It can be fun
  7. by   boxerboo
    I'm a new poster, but it has been interesting to read on some of these long threads people's journeys along the way. Especially the tread titled First day of Nursing School. There are a few people that kept up with it and provided many updates.
  8. by   ShantheRN
    I browsed over my old posts - it's been a long year! The thing I noticed most was my confidence level. I went from "zomg I don't know how to handle all this" to "graduation cannot come soon enough, I got this!"

    Ahh, the memories! I'd say the days of stressing over grades and little sleep are over, but I've got a semester left
  9. by   9livesRN
    I read just the other day my firt day unleashed, that I posted all my journey while in nursing school