worn out from school

  1. Its a beautiful sunny Saturday and I am stuck isnide typing a study guide or my OB exam on Monday.......I still have a ton of it to type and I have to read some chapters (short, thank god) for my economics test on Tuesday.......I have read everything else, which was so so hard!! But I have 5 tests and a paper due this week, I wonder if I will make it, I am shooting for A's on all my exams this week......so I am putting in a lot of study time and I read ALL the required chapters......i just feel so worn out.......so ar I have A's and B's in my classes and I am happy with that but its just so much work to make an A or B or C (passing)! I am just worn out!!!! Anyone else in a similar situation?
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  3. by   Tweety
    Keep your eye on the prize and concentrate on one thing at a time. When you look ahead too far, it can seem overwhelming.

    Been there and done that. But I made it through. Good luck to you.
  4. by   kirbi
    It sounds like you are getting as prepared as you can and have a great can-do attitude. Remember once you are done with your tests and turn your paper in, take some time out to pamper yourself!