1. I passed by the grace of god!...it was all him!
    2 more semesters left~
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  3. by   9livesRN
    yey! that is a Blessing!!!


    i have 3 to go!
  4. by   mRpeNa
    CONGRATS to you~
  5. by   ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
  6. by   R.NICU
    Congrats!!!! 3 more for me!
  7. by   Couture85
    I know exactly how you feel!! It was nothing short of a miracle that I passed my finals. I have horrible test anxiety and this has been my first semester in NS. I have def. learned that I never, ever want to be in the place again where my passing depends on how well I do on the final! I'm def. keeping my grades up from now on!!
    Congrats to you!!!
  8. by   mRpeNa
    couture85 i am the same way...i have really high test anxiety, also...and i stress my self out so much that i start making myself sick but i plan on not cutting it so close next time!...lol

    thank you for your comment!