Why do nurses NOT support each other? - page 2

I am troubled about the following true story. A local ICU nurse recently committed suicide. I did not know this nurse, but was told that she was a 42 year old single partent of two children ages 5... Read More

  1. by   Peggy8
    I totally agree with Miss Saigon....she said it all TREAT OTHERS LIKE YOU WANT TO BE TREATED...If everyone would act in this manner life would be great...but, a lot of people out there get joy in treating others badly Anyways it was great to hear that there are nurses out there like yourself who respect other nurses (students or new grads). We are all in this thing called Nursing together, why not help each other thru the good and the bad?

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  2. by   Pati
    When I read some of the responses to this topic, I was very suprised. One of which was a real eyeopener to me was the one by Georgetta which addressed Nursing Students who conducted themselves as if they were "Einsteins". Unfortunatly, I felt as if she was talking to me directly. One thing that I realize is that I tend to think that I am so good that noone is better than I am. Fortunatly for me, nurses that I've come across during our clinical rotations have been very receptive and understanding and I am very fortunate not to have been rebuffed by them for my conduct, but have instead been appreciated for my "on key" attitude as far as patient advocacy and care goes. I really fear that my assertive attitude will be thought of as a negative when I'm in the real world.