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Just curious where everyone is from... I'm from 1/2 hour west of Cleveland Ohio.... Read More

  1. by   michelle85
    Utrecht, Holland
  2. by   Nurse Hatchett
    Indiana :zzzzz
  3. by   txspadequeenRN
    I live 30 min south of Ft Worth Texas in a little country town called Joshua. I have lived here all my life and plan on moving after my kids are raised to Montana.
  4. by   Christie RN2006
    I live near Mansfield, Ohio...the slogan is supposed to be "Sunny Mansfield"... hm, I can't figure out the "sunny" part maybe they ment "snowy"...
  5. by   koda53
    im from Jacksonville Florida the sunshine state!
  6. by   safewaygreenbox
    I'm from Wales in the UK and we are up for winning the grand slam on Saturday :hatparty: :hatparty:

    But I'm working
    Kay the 2nd
  7. by   ShellyRN07
    Michigan here and yep it is still cold here, I don't even remember what sunshine is.
  8. by   titoutou252
    Quote from TifRN2B
    Just curious where everyone is from...
    I'm from 1/2 hour west of Cleveland Ohio.
    i'm from brooklyn. n.y. planning on moving to louisiana next year 2006. any suggestions
  9. by   shopgal
    Kansas City, MO It's cold here too, It's calling for snow tonight, YUCK!
  10. by   grinnurse
    Quote from Mabaso
    I from the Northern part of the tiny Kingdom of Swaziland. And Capital city- Mbabane.
    You are in the Sister City to Ft. Worth, TX--you should have some strange Texans there for a couple of weeks. Just look for the cowboy hats!!
  11. by   grinnurse
    Howdy from the Piney Woods of East Texas

    I thought spring was here over the weekend, but, Old Man Winter has reared it's ugly head again . 43 with gray clouds and wind
  12. by   hippienurse
    Believe it or not..... Walla Walla, Washington :-) And the weather is beautiful here. We barely had a winter, and now spring has sprung. It is 60-65 and sunny!
  13. by   All_Smiles_RN
    Quite a few Floridians here now. I'm another.