what to expect

  1. i have just been accepted into the nursing program/ lpn and i am wondering what to expect or how to prepare myself for what i am about to face.
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  3. by   APBT mom
    I'm currently in a LPN and I still don't know what to expect. My advice would be to start getting supplies for school so you don't have to come out of pocket all at once. Ever program is different so I don't know what to tell about that except you'll spend about half as much time studying outside of school than you will be in school. See if you can talk to some former/current students to see what the program is like. They'll tell the truth about the program instead of how it's such a great this or that. Also go to Barnes and Noble or Borders and look through some of the Care Plan books and NCLEX books because they will help you during school.

    Congratulations in getting accepted and good luck.