What is wrong with me!!!

  1. Hello everyone I am an Aussie external nursing student in my last sem of theory. I am nearly finished but my brain does not seem to want to work anymore. I am working on an assignment for health sociology - sociological theories of the nurse practitioner?? as it is this subject is not one of the more interesting ones I have done, never the less I need to finish it! I just do not know what to write about I have discussed history of nurses up to current times,role of n.p and what is required to become one, medical dominance, but am now at a loss. I have a total of 9 assignments and one exam for the semester and have worked hard to knock five assignments over already, but now feel burnt out. Is this normal???

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  3. by   yaz
    i'm from aust aswell and i've spoken to quiet a few 3rd year students..and they are all complaining that nursing is getting really boring and that they are losing interest.
    i guess its because 2nd year was soo full on that they were probably expecting 3rd year to be more than just 3 or 4 theory subjects.
    i dont know whether this helps or not...but be assured that this is normal