What is Excelsior? Is there a website?

  1. I've seen it mentioned a few times so I am curious.

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  3. by   back2school
    It is an online college where people can take classes or enroll and get a degree.
  4. by   studentdeb
    Thank you. I will check it out.
  5. by   KolkataMomRN
    I am currently enrolled at Excelsior College.....
  6. by   Jennerizer
    Is it an accredited school?
  7. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Yes it's accredited, and it's not really an online school. All courses are independant study, and each has one exam taken by computer at Pearson Centers. At the end of the program there is a 3 day clinical exam which is a toughie to pass (passing rate goes up and down in the 60%'s). This is a program for people who already have some experience in the medical field (LPNs, paramedics, resp., CMAs, etc), as there are no clinicals.