What Do You Do in "Labs" with A&P - page 3

Since my A&P class this semester does not include lab, what exactly do you do in Lab with A&P 1 and A&P 2? I do not have a clue what you need to do in the lab part. Thanks for you replies and... Read More

  1. by   woody436
    We used cadavers in our program. Quite frankly I can't imagine using anything but a human cadaver. A fetal pig and a cat were fine for general biology I and II but certainly not for Human A&P I and II. I attend a public state university but a community college in my area also uses a cadaver for their A&P.
  2. by   luvmy3kids
    My school serperates Anatomy and Physiology.. In Anatomy we looked at histological slides, human torso models, dissected sheep brains and hearts, cow eye balls and a rat (in a bag) lol (I thought that was cute)...

    We also got to go to the U of M and look at the dissected human cadavers. The medical students dissected them and we were able to observe them. I actually held a human heart in my own two hands. It was amazing! Just to see these people, some with painted toe nails, lying there open for us to view everything! It was awesome!

    I was very nervous about the rat dissection. I just went to lab that day and cut right into him. As long as I focused on the task I was okay... once I started thinking about everything... I got a bit queasy... But then I got right back on track... It's hard not to seperate your feelings from what you are doing... but it is possible. If I can do it... anyone can!

    Good luck to you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!