Washington YVCC, SCC, WVC, CBC... past student experiences info please! :)

  1. I am applying to Yakima Valley CC, Wenatchee Valley College, and Spokane CC for spring start and CBC for Fall, and i was hoping to find people willing to give me some insight to each program, particularly people who are in or graduated from these programs in the past few years. I was in a nursing program a two years ago for 3 quarters and it was an absolute nightmare (They fail out 10-15 students consistently the first quarter every year, and they only start with 30), and want to learn what the programs i am applying to are like and what there graduation rate of students might look like so i don't get myself into another nightmare like before. I have a lot of info on CBC and it is my top pick, but they don't have a spring start, so if i get into one of the others i will probably go with them. Thank everyone in advance for any info!!!
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