Vitamins and Minerals

  1. Basically the teacher told us we need to memorize the vitamins and minerals and what the functions do and all that stuff. So i was wondering do anybody know any ways to get this knowledge all in your head. Well i know studying but i was wondering something like acroynms.
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  3. by   mhershey
    Hey Candice,

    I just went thru this last week. The first night I tried to study, it was very frustrating. So the next night I made some flash cards. I would start with 5 vitimans at a time and when I had those down I would do 5 more etc.... then i went on to the minerals. I concentrated the most on the MAIN function and the main food source. On the test the questions were pretty general. like Vit K's function is bloodclotting, so of course the deficiency is hemorrhaging and the source green leafy veggies. Hang in there, you'll get it !
  4. by   michar
    Flash Cards.
  5. by   onehonestb
    how did you do on your test?? mine is next week and im stressing!!! :stdy: