Victims of competition?

  1. Hey fellow student nurses,
    I was just curious about the levels of competition in you nursing classes? Are grades the hot topic after a test? Do you guys have some particular people who ALWAYS ask what your grade was? Do you think it hinders your class from being more of a team? Thanks!
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  3. by   Peggy8
    Hi everyone!
    competition will always be there and there will always be that one student who ask everyone what their grade was...Usually, it's the student who doesn't feel secure in their studies....hearing that other students are struggling helps her/him feel better about, is it really competition then? I am starting to think maybe not.
  4. by   LenMalRN
    Compatition is part of school and the school experience not always a good part, but its the nature of our profession. I had a chemistry professor who told me once he never saw anybody as competative as nursing students
  5. by   AmyRN1227
    Well, your post really hit home. Me and a few of my friends are really going through this because we are making it through our Med-Surg semester, which is supposed to be the hardest. There are some of my classmates who don't even talk to me anymore because I'm doing better than them! I wish we could all be more of a team but I guess it comes down to maybe jealousy or just trying to get through the program. It does seem as though stress has really changed some people...
    Good luck!
  6. by   angelaADSN
    Hi Bison! In our ADN program grades are the hot topic! The other topic is who passed and who failed! I do think it hinders the class from being a team! I think everyone should help each other out after all we are all out for the same goal. I do agree that for some of the classmates who didn't do so well on the test, finding out who did worste on the test makes them feel better about themselves. Just my opinion!