UAMS - Not Passing Hesi

  1. Due to several circumstances, I did not pass the HESI for the third time at UAMS. I came close but not close enough. This was not horshoes.

    Has others experienced this and how did you move forward.

    They have given me my diploma but will not sign my NCLEX application
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  3. by   I_am_Julia
    is it possible to take it at baptist, ualr, uapb, uca or pulaski? (if they offer it)
  4. by   coursbo
    No, UAMS gives you three tries to take theres. If you do not pass then they will not allow you to take the NCLEX.

    You then can only use a grievance policy. I have a degree in nursing but cant set for the boards.
  5. by   sunny59
    So, what do they expect you to do? Retake this semester or what? I grad in May, but starting next year our school is going to make passing the HESI a requirement to pass the course and was just curious how other schools handled it.