Tylenol Scholarship 2009

  1. Did anyone apply for this scholarship? I know its a long shot, but I was hoping to hear if they've selected semifinalists...

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  3. by   tbr999
    I applied and haven't heard anything yet. I'm hoping to.

    Good luck, Tim
  4. by   rainingwoman
    Doesn't sound like they've been announced yet, keep ya posted.
  5. by   RN2be....
    I also applied for 2009 Tylenol scholarship and have been waiting to hear back. I just read on the Fast Web forum that Semi-finalists were notified by email May 20, 2009 and had to send their transcripts in by mid June. I am bummed, I didn't qualify as semi-finalist.
  6. by   r0b0tafflicti0n
    I applied too. Didn't hear anything.
  7. by   Aurora77
    I got accepted as a semi-finalist, but apparently not a finalist. I haven't heard anything and they said they would contact the finalists in mid-July. That's a bummer.