tungsten e2 pda

  1. Hey ya'll, class of 08, in Houston Texas here! I just got my new pda, I got a tungsten e2, (it's what our adn program recommended...hhhmmm coincidence, that's the only one our bookstore sold.... ) anyway, I am looking for freeware, it's 32mb, but I bought a 1gig memory card for it, how does everyone like theirs?? I hope this is a good one!! Thanks buncha munchas!!!! M
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  3. by   LanaBanana
    I have the E2 as well. I also bought a card for it but then found out that many programs can't run from a card but have to be installed on the pda itsself. I'm planning to download Skyscape because it comes on a card, but isn't freeware.