Tuition Reimbursement Program or Stay at University??? HELP!!!!

  1. ok!!!! i couldnt wait to be accepted to my university, after being put on hold and the wait of finally being accepted and now this!? help!!!

    [color=#ff8c00]i was at my day job (that i am resigning from on aug 27th) thursday and one of my patients (whom works at a local hospital) had been talking with me about a tuition reimbursement program. i, having no clue what this entailed, agreed for her to gather the information/look into it for me. omgoodness!!! what a .....i dont know what!!! friday morning she phoned me at work and told me that there were only a few spots left and to immediately call this number to inquire! sooooooooo.....i did, what confusion. first off, for the reimbursement, you need to be employed at the hospital, im not an employee, yet! i did apply for an entry position though, "just in case".

    [color=#ff8c00]i just need some help in making my decision and i need to hurry!!!! time is wearing thin. the remibursement sounds wonderful, but how do i know if this is really what i want? both of the schools sound accrediable. i do not know if a community college is just as good as a state university, but have been told it is...sooooo, how could i go wrong??? i would be dedicated to working for them for 200 hours per so many credits with the option to "buy myself" out. it just all happened so fast, i didnt dream that i would have a chance of being accepted with the wait it was at my school. the director of nursing basically accepted me over the phone for this program. the only thing holding me from not is, being an employee there.

    [color=#ff8c00]the schedule sounds so much milder, but is it??? they attend classes m/t from 4pm to 8pm, and clinicals r/f from 4pm to 8pm. this is way fewer hours, it seems than my crazy schedule i already have at the university. is it really or do you think it's just a deception? this is a two year course, and from my understanding, i would be entering into the course as a 2nd year student????? so i would only have one year left??? they wanted me to immediately go to them and talk to the "intake" person and they would "work me in" but my schedule did not allow for glad. the ball hasnt stopped rolling since, i am going to call and maybe make an appointment at this campus to discuss some of my questions and see it in detail before i do make my decision.

    [color=#ff8c00]but!!!!! if i am going to stay at the university i have to order my uniform this week!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!

    [color=#ff8c00]what are some of your opinions? have any of you attended this type of program? was it smooth? was it a good education?

    [color=#ff8c00]so many what ifs!!!!!!

    [color=#ff8c00]thanks everyone!

    [color=#ff8c00]i'll keep you posted!
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  3. by   Altra
    Sounds confusing ... I'm sure you'll have better answers after you meet with them this coming week ...

    It sounds like the tuition reimbursement is what's driving you to consider this other program. It's a great benefit. But one thing to remember though - if you were planning to take out traditional student loans at the state u., PA now has a nursing loan forgiveness program, so you may find at least a significant portion of those loans are forgiven after graduation anyway.

    Just something to think about. Good luck to you!
  4. by   DragonflyShell
    I've been working at a hospital for about 4 years now and have been accepted into the nursing program starting this fall at the local community college. For the past year doing the pre-reqs and course requirement courses, I've been using the tuition reimbursement program. The way it works at my hospital is that you have to get your papers in before your class starts and then if you get an A or B for your class at the end of the semester and have paid your tuition in full before the semester is over, then you would get your tuition reimbursed. It's a pretty good deal for me, at least. The first semester was the worst because I had to come up with the money but when I got reimbursed I took that and reinvested that in the tuition of the following semester. The only down fall is that you have to get an A or B or you don't get it back. Good luck on your decisions.