1. To anyone that'll listen,

    I'm starting to feel like I'm losing steam and passion. I finished my first semester (out of 4) towards my BSN. I finished my med/surg clinical and my first med/surg class. In my program we also take patho/pharmacology , as well. I suppose I'm starting to really feel this pressure of school and being "the best". Everyone is so competitive and I just don't want to be involved because I feel as though if I didn't have this looming anxiety of competition I would be learning so much more. I'm SURE everyone has experienced this competitive nature. Is the problem me or is it just a general issue?

    I'm currently in my OB rotation and I really dig it and the patients (mom and babies are the best). I just needed to vent...

    Thanks for listening,

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  3. by   Sadala
    I say focus on what YOU are doing and, for the most part, ignore what everyone else is doing. Focus on your learning process, and patient care. The rest will take care of itself.