The Top 10 Subtle Differences Between Nursing School and Hell

  1. 1. You wouldn't tell a friend to go to nursing school.

    2. You know there are hot women/men in Hell.

    3. You only have to sell your soul to get into Hell.

    4. People smile in Hell.

    5. Hell is forever. Nursing school just seems like it.

    6. At least you can sleep in Hell.

    7. You can't flunk out of Hell.

    8. It is more fun getting into Hell.

    9. Everyone has heard of Hell.

    10. It doesn't rain in Hell.
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  3. by   aussie oi oi oi
    Ain't that the truth, if I did not know that you had trained a wee bit before me, I would say that you were talking about the uni that I went to!!!!!!!!

    Very good, it is just a shame it is a bit too close to the truth, I have often had a nightmare where I dreamt that I was getting a letter from the uni saying that there had been a mistake and I had to do it again, I would rather have teeth pulled with a fork, well uni had its good moments and I am sure that if I think hard enough I will remember them............. um mmmmmmm maybe I was wrong!!!!!!

    Enjoy the jokes lol
  4. by   nursedawn67
    Uh oh that was so true I'm having Flashbacks!!!!! LOL