Terrified to start school!

  1. I start 1st semester of the nursing program on Monday and I am TERRIFIED! I can't remember ever being this scared about anything in my life (including giving birth). Any advice about school or suggestions on how to get over this (seems irrational) fear I have?
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  3. by   collegebound
    No advice, only that you are not alone!!! I start Tuesday and I am a jumbled ball of just about every emotion known. We have had orientation the past two days, and it was a major information overload! Good luck to you!
  4. by   nursecher
    I started Jan. 2nd. I was very nervous about my first day and now I am almost 2 weeks into it. I already have a test on Monday. Just think of all the other "first days" you have had in your life. You will be ok.
    My only advise would be to get there early, and eat something that morning. I was too nervous to eat my first day and got a headache by lunch time.
    Good Luck!
  5. by   Jules A
    It will be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time but you will do great. Hang in there and the advice to eat breakfast or at least pack a snack was good. Congratulations!!