TEAS Testing

  1. :roll ok everyone, i am finally taking the teas tomorrow @ 8:30 and having my interview right after. does anyone have any advice for me??? any helful tips for either???

    thanks and wish me luck!!!!!
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  3. by   jenrninmi
    Good luck! Never heard of the TEAS test so I can't give you any advice though.
  4. by   PCGrad06
    good luck!
  5. by   mollyjeanrn
    RELAX! I took the TEAS test and it is no big deal. You may want to search for other postings concerning the TEAS because I have responded to others similar to this one. I acually had some fun taking the test...the only relatively difficult part for me is the algebra part but just take your time...its multiple choice and the correct answer is there! Good luck with your interview and seriously, don't stress about the TEAS!!