Taking Micro This Summer

  1. I am taking microbiology this summer-- I would like to know if it is really hard...And if you have any study tips. Thank you!
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  3. by   Nrswannab
    I am also taking this class this summer and would appreciate the same. Good luck, MandM.
  4. by   lalajenn
    I had a lot of fun in the lab class. There is some interesting stuff you will learn. Micro is mostly memorization though so if you can memorize then you will do good. I took it twice. The first time I took it I withdrew. The teacher was really hard and instead of talking about micro he talked about his life and his kids and all. The second time I took it I learned a lot. I thought the lecture was really boring but I loved the lab! Kinda nervous though messing around with some of the different kinds of bacteria and all. He gave us his own notes and all we had to do was memorize it. Good luck to both of you!!